GYDS Mission Statement

Dear Reader, is the brainchild of the hosts of the popular leftist political-comedy podcast Trashfuture. It arose specifically from a conversation between hosts Milo and Riley in summer 2019 before a recording.

We worked out that in a media landscape beset by a real scarcity of ‘proper’, old-fashioned journalism and reporting, and with supposedly respectable publications publishing total nonsense half the time, the funniest thing we could do would be to start a site hosting high-quality journalism and left opinion writing under the stupidest domain name we could come up with.

Thus was born.

Our aim is to host great journalism and opinion pieces from leftist writers, journalists, thinkers and commentators and to fund a small prize for investigative journalism. Ultimately, we hope that one day we will break something significant enough that the BBC will be forced to say ‘’ on air. Then our mission will be complete.

Especially in the context of much of the British media’s farcical UK election coverage it feels like this is a website whose time has come, and we invite submissions. Let’s get started.


The Editorial Team

Riley, Milo, Hussein, Nate and Alice